The Road Less Traveled…the Extra Mile!

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Have you ever asked yourself what makes a person or a business extraordinary compared to one that is just getting by?

I recently heard a comment “go the extra mile as you won’t find much competition there,” and it made me think about the deeper meaning of the statement…at least the deeper meaning of the statement to me and how I will look at being the person who goes the extra mile.

I’ll give you two examples I’ve recently had with huge company’s customer service departments. Both companies are national if not global. Both companies are very successful, especially from the standpoint of revenue.

Company 1 – A friend emailed me an opportunity to receive a free book if I emailed this particular company asking for one. I hadn’t really dealt with the company much other than buying a few products over the years from them, but I thought why not, the book sounded interesting. Knowing the company’s philosophy I sent the email with a little background about Positive Focus and specifically our Global Free Hugs initiative. I am sure this company received hundreds if not thousands of requests for this free book, so I wasn’t expecting a response. Not only did I get an email back saying thank you and your book is on the way, but the person commented about Positive Focus and asked if I could send a different link to the free hugs video as the one I included didn’t work. I did and she responded back thanking me, loved the video, and asked if she could share it with her team as it did seem aligned to the corporate vision and they might participate.

Company 2 – This costumer service interaction came because of a major service mistake toward a family member and then their attempt to get it resolved being met with insincere apologies and we’ll try and get it fixed. I won’t go into details as its irrelevant to my point as the point is, did this company go the extra mile. I wrote an email to the president of the company, several board members and others at the executive level about their total lack of care on getting a service resolved that they had caused…a service that truly could have caused great harm. My letter did get results. I had someone from corporate call, email and get the error fixed. He was very professional and took care of business. The situation was fixed.

Both companies got the job done. I received my free book and I got my family members service taken care of. Did they both go the extra mile? Company 1, which I will happily tell you is ZAPPOS went the extra mile! I emailed for a book and possibly walked away with more participation for Global Free Hugs. She didn’t even have to read my full email, but rather grab my mailing address and move on. She certainly didn’t need to respond and say the link I sent her didn’t work, could I please send another one! Company 2 – could have gone that extra mile had I heard back from any of the multitude of people I emailed about the situation, especially since I sent an email back to them all telling them the person on their team who finally fixed the issue was great and took care of it. Yes – service was repaired, the account credited for the problem, yet still a lack of follow up and it required getting a corporate level staff member involved to fix it.

It’s these two situations where I really began to understand why that extra mile is less traveled. Plenty of people and businesses are successful and are fine being good. It’s those people and businesses that go the extra mile that make me want to be just like them. They make me want to be the person who goes the extra mile in my personal and professional relationships. They make me want to be the person that brings more people and businesses into the extra mile league creating more love, laughter, and deep happiness for all.

So, are you ready to go the extra mile in your life?

Go out and Shine!


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