Much of what I do is to offer positive solutions whether it be in a coaching session, consulting service, event management, marketing/promotional services, or writing.

These are comments from a variety of people I’ve worked with. Happy People = Happy Clients. Click on DETAILS for full testimonial.

““I think Carol is a powerful spiritual messenger.” DETAILS

“She has greatly enriched my personal and professional life by coaching me through a change in perspective on life.  Her coaching style is a gentle and positive infectious in nature.” DETAILS

“Carol is the most dynamic, upbeat, enthusiastic, and influencing person I have ever met.” DETAILS

“She is an outgoing dynamic positive force that affects everyone she comes in contact with.” DETAILS

“She truly cares about everyone and encourages them to continue on their path for personal success.” DETAILS

“Carol’s messages, however, have really struck a cord with me because if you listen to what she has to say, and then apply her “positive focus” ideas to your life, they really work!” DETAILS

“Carol has the distinction of being a doer, joiner and leader.” DETAILS

“One of those strengths is her ability to help others see their own potential and guide them in pursuing their goals.” DETAILS

“I’ve been helped with how to better see my world, and more precisely organize my thoughts and wishes for me into reality.” DETAILS

“She takes a genuine interest in people’s lives and has a way to make people feel at ease.” DETAILS

“She has given me insight and tools that have helped me immensely in both my professional and personal lives. Carol has a gift for giving support in a way I’ve never known.” DETAILS

“Her focus and attention to detail was rivaled by no one. She is focused, driven, and the ultimate team player.” DETAILS

““Carol Miller is an amazing support around marketing my classes, workshops and branding my company.” DETAILS

““Whether it’s a quick story or just a smiling hello, Carol has an amazing way of putting everyone at ease.” DETAILS

“Carol gives each project she works on her total attention, which is amazing because it seems like she never has less than a dozen projects going on at any one time.” DETAILS

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