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May 16, 2012 at 5:05 pm | Posted in BLOG | Leave a comment

In my coaching practice and truly in almost all of my interactions, I highly recommend people set intentions and/or affirmations on what living their lives fulfilled looks like. Affirmations are aids to reprogram your subconscious mind on past limiting beliefs. They often feel a bit silly at first, and many times we start them, but don’t follow through and truly sit with the feeling of what those affirmations mean to us. Same goes with intentions. We have the best ‘intention’ to put them into practice and live them, yet often fall off the wagon and stop consciously thinking about them, feeling them, and living them. Even for me, who is as immersed into positive living as much as anyone, I too find myself doing affirmations for a bit and then setting them aside…well, that is until now.

A new practice I just started is a calendar reminder called: My Life Is Awesome! I created that event on my calendar and then added 5 pop-up reminders. So five times a day, I get a pop-up reminding me how awesome my life is followed by affirmations or intentions I included to review and soak in the amazing possibilities life offers.

To add an extra dose of positivity to my affirmations and intentions, I’ve added the word – YES in front of them.


YES amazing miracles happen to me daily.

YES I  have the most amazing job working with like-minded happy people

YES financial freedom is mine and it came quickly and easily

YES I am in a loving relationship with the man of my dreams

So join me and add to your calendar the amazing life you are living with reminders of it. Simply having the pop-up reminder saying my life is amazing is good enough and then opening it up to see all of my affirmations and intentions is simply a bonus.

I would love to hear how this is working for you, so make sure to stop back and share your affirmations/intentions.

Big hugs and mucho love,





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