Tragedy to Transition

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As a person who promotes positivity, breathes in positivity, and loves positivity, life throws you curves balls that in the moment can be so overwhelming and devastating you might ask yourself, what is positive about this tragedy?

Today we are hearing about the tragedy that has befallen young boys at the hands of an assistant football coach at a prestigious college program and the cover-up that ensued. Months ago a young boy allowed to walk to school for the first time was murdered by an acquaintance. Entire villages are devastated by earthquakes, Tsunami’s, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  There is a multitude of unjust, inhumane, and horrific stories that can shake the very foundation of the power of positivity right from under you feet.

When speaking of the power of positivity, I get asked how I can explain “_____________________________” (fill in the blank) tragedy. There are certainly different levels of the depth of tragedy and when children are affected, it adds another layer of pain to it. I cannot explain away the pain of those dealing with personal tragedy. I can and do send them love as they mourn what happened and heal.

I cannot tell you how to move through personal tragedy or a high profile tragic event; I can share how I move from tragedy to transition.

  • Knowing good will prevail as people have the power to heal. In 1981, John Walsh’s young son was abducted and murdered. The case went unsolved for nearly 30 years. Tragic? YES! Because of this undeserved tragedy, Mr. Walsh devoted his life to protecting other kids and his program “America’s Most Wanted” has brought home many missing children along with capturing other fugitives. Out of his pain, he created National Center for Missing and Exploited Children helping thousands of children.  High profile child abuse cases allows the light to be shone brighter and on a bigger stage bringing attention to kids around the world who are being mistreated yet seem to go unnoticed. Victims become advocates helping countless others. People discover cures for diseases that had personal implications in their lives. Bridges are built stronger after we learn from the collapse of one.When we learn and grow from a tragedy, good prevails.
  • Knowing that to hurt someone else, deep hurt lies within you. There are consequences (positive or negative) to all of our actions, so I do not absolve people who afflict pain on others, yet rather than seeing the monstrous act they chose to act upon, I try and see the hurt behind it, especially as it comes to child abuse as many of our abusers live within the home of the child, next door or close by. They don’t look like monsters but internal demons are winning the battle.
  • By knowing that these cases of tragedy, which are horrific, are a small scope of the beauty and love that the world has to offer. I send love and healing thoughts. I get sad and grieve for those hurting. Yet I hold onto the fact there is far better in the world than bad. There is far more happiness than sadness.
  • Mostly, even in my moments of anger, grief and sadness for those personally dealing with the tragedy, I hold true to the fact LOVE HEALS. If I allow judgment and hatred to permeate my being, I cannot be loving and help people heal. Those inflicting will face their consequences without me stewing and steeping in anger. I choose to move through tragedy into the transition of a better world for everyone.

By focusing on the vastness of good in the world, sending love and healing to those hurting, and holding a light that even on the darkest of days my positivity will help light the way for someone else is how I am able to see the rainbow that follows the storm.

Here is to blue skies ahead of each of you facing a storm moving from tragedy to transition.

Big hugs and mucho love,


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