Jenilyn F.

Jenny F. – “Carol Miller is an amazing support around marketing my classes, workshops and branding my company.  She has worked on my monthly newsletter, flyers and promoting my workshops on her website.  She is the most responsive person I have ever worked with. If she needs more time, she lets me know when it will be completed and is always a head of schedule. Her attention to detail and creative writing are her strengths and she makes anything I started a masterpiece. She fills in the gaps, that I didn’t even know were there and makes it all look effortless. She listens to my ideas and implements them in a creative and effective way. Carol goes above and beyond by suggesting venues where I can market and facilitate my work. I especially appreciated that she understands the alternative healing community since my company is based on yoga, meditation and positive thoughts. She is easy to reach and is straightforward in her approach, cutting right through any resistance and on to making it happen. She is like a life coach, graphic designer and public relations woman all in one! If you are ready to make your business take off, Carol is your person as she is ready to make your dreams a reality.”

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