Dawn W.

Dawn W. – “I began working with Carol in the fall of 2008. I had a low opinion of myself, was dating yet another ‘loser’ boyfriend, and felt I wasn’t doing enough at work. To say I wasn’t in a good place in life isn’t an exaggeration as I was under achieving in all areas. By attending her group coaching sessions and continued counseling, she reminded me how wonderful I was and how wonderful life was until I truly was able to see it myself. Carol’s suggestions on how to reframe any situation were simple to follow and easy to incorporate with practice. She takes a genuine interest in people’s lives and has a way to make people feel at ease. Within a year of working with Carol, I’ve gotten a better job, and building a new life with the man of my dreams. Along with her having a profound impact on my life, I’ve met lifelong friends through Positive Focus, an organization Carol founded.”

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