Amy S.

Amy S.  – “I have known Carol for 10 years. Through these years I have seen Carol develop her talents in Public Relations and Science of Mind. Carol finds solutions in a creative manner. She is an outgoing dynamic positive force that affects everyone she comes in contact with. I know many people who utilize Carol’s knowledge, expertise and creativity. I experienced her suggestions and they have helped me in my own life. I have also seen her effect on others from working with friends on finding a better way to communicate with others, to seeing situations in a positive way. I have also seen her find creative solutions for businesses wanting to grow and realize their potential in a positive manner. I personally go to Carol for suggestions on how to better view a situation or re-frame a thought I am having. She is wonderfully creative and thoughtful and always helping in an open-minded way. Carol is an effective and positive force in each and every life she touches.”

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