Small gestures of kindness have deep impact

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As the Founder & Vision Keeper of Positive Focus I continue to look at ways to bring more positivity in people’s lives to let them know they matter in this world. I often tell people to share a kind word, a kind gesture, a free hug or simply their smile as you never know how that could be ‘the’ thing someone needed in that moment. Most of us know the impact by our own experiences of how a strangers kind word, smile or perhaps free hug lifted our spirits. Below is a story just shared with me from someone who experienced the positive impact of free hugs. After reading the story, I ask each of you to remember that your kindness to yourself and others changes everyone around you in ways you may never know. It just goes to show – YOU MATTER too.

Big hugs and mucho love,


From a friend:

In this month and now week of gratitude, I must tell this story that I’ve been holding onto for some time.

A few years back, a friend of mind came into some very hard times in his life. A sad story indeed as he lost his job, a daughter to leukemia, and both of his parents all in one year. But somehow through it all he kept his sobriety of 21 years intact. That is until the day he almost gave up.

He was doing some odd jobs here and there while he continued to look for work in his field. He had just finished his 8 hrs at a gig he picked up that was near Water Tower Place. The demons of his mind were trying to trick him into thinking that a drink or two wouldn’t be a bad thing. So she set out to go to a watering hole that he used to frequent from ‘the good ol’ days.’ Surely some of the people would recognize him and welcome him back, he thought.

But on his way to the bar he encountered a group of people holding signs that said, ‘Free  Hugs’. He told me that a short lil’ lady approached him and said that he really looked like he could use a hug, opened her arms out and hugged him. Then the rest of the ‘huggers’ took turns hugging him. He said that a man hugged him the hardest and told him that everything will be alright.

That act of kindness by these wonderful group of people brought him to tears as he walked away. Instead of going to the bar and relapsing, he got on the train and went home. He got a job back in his field a short time later and has since relocated to Texas and is doing wonderful! And he is still sober today.

I figured you might know these wonderful people, Carol. Just let them know that an act of kindness, no matter how small, in never wasted.

You guys keep doing what you do. I hope to meet you all someday to thank you and give you all a hug!

God bless you and thank you Carol and all of your wonderful friends for doing what you do! : )

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