My Greatest Teacher….Oprah

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As founder and vision keeper of Positive Focus, I am often asked two questions. 1. Who are my greatest teachers? 2. Why did I create Positive Focus?

I have had many teachers throughout my life who have brought me to where I am now from family, friends, educational teachers and certainly inspirational transformational speakers and authors. My mother is my greatest teacher as she has taught me unconditional love and support regardless of the situation and will always be my greatest and favorite teacher. However, teachers you may be aware of that are positive influencers in my life, to name a few are, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Louise HayIyanla Vanzant, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and more recently Panache Desai. When I think of these amazing souls and how my life is better because of their work (and others not listed here yet I love) I am deeply touched. I asked myself if I had to pick ONE person, outside of my mom, could I? And the answer is yes. Oprah Winfrey has been my greatest teacher and probably not for why you would think.

For decades I’ve watched Oprah five days a week and have been inspired, motivated, moved, and often led to positive action. That in itself is a huge reason for her to be my greatest teacher, yet that isn’t it. Oprah unknowingly has made me bend and expand my ideas and open up to greater possibilities that were frankly far outside of my comfort zone.

Case in point 1: I founded Positive Focus to give people an outlet, an avenue, a community of people who choose to see love over hate, health over illness, peace over conflict, diversity over differences, and abundance over lack through positive thought leadership and positive events. One of my favorite events is our book club that has 5 to 20 people attending depending on the book. I’ve loved the conversations we’ve had around these books and also felt the smaller size allowed it to be more intimate and allow people to connect and grow. Oprah opens up her book club to the world with Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth.” I couldn’t begin to imagine that being possible without her diving in and showing me the way.

Case in point 2:  In late 2009 Oprah announced she would be ending The Oprah Winfrey show in 2010 and I was saddened. Not only did I feel sad to see her leave daytime television, I felt a great sense of loss for the City of Chicago as we were losing our first lady. I had been to her show several times and although I’ve never met Oprah, I felt as though I was losing a neighbor. I had the pleasure of being at the United Center for her farewell shows and while loving it, wondered what was next. Well, what was next was an amazing network that provides deeper, more thought-full, motivational programming than I could ever have hoped for.

So what has my greatest teacher, Oprah Winfrey, taught me? She’s taught me to remain true and steadfast to my vision and mission in life while allowing it to evolve and grow in bigger ways than I could ever imagine without her paving the way. She has taught me that comfort zones are there to give you the foundation to reach newer and greater heights. Positive Focus and Carol Miller have grown and evolved over the years, the vision and mission is clear, and now I open myself up to seeing it unfold bigger and better than my comfort zone will allow. Oh, and knowing Oprah comes to Chicago frequently doesn’t hurt either.

I would love to hear who your greatest teachers are and what you’ve learned from them, so please share below.

Big hugs and mucho love,

PF Founder & Vision Keeper

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  1. I completely relate to that moment in time when we must move past our comfort zone and step into something even bigger than what we have imagined.

    Oprah is an excellent example of this. I give her great honor for her willingness to recognize when her show completed its cycle and her ability to see the completion of that cycle as the beginning of the next!

    This reminds us, as teachers, that it is not what we teach but how we embody those teachings that has the greatest impact!

    There are so many wonderful teachers whose shining lights have guided me along my path but if I am to pick my greatest teachers I will have to say….

    1.My Beloved Twin Flame who taught me to love unconditionally and beyond even the limits of death.
    2. My children~
    One beautiful ancient Spirit who came to the world with full remembrance ready to serve.
    One New Vibrant Soul ~ who entered this world with understandings of Oneness that I am have just recently begun to grasp! Who at 4 years old, playing with a light switch reminded me that God is in both light and dark.

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