Recipe for a Happy Marriage

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Prior to reading ‘Recipes for a Happy Marriage’, I’m sure you conquered my ‘Date to Success Recipe Book’ and know all the ins and outs of good communication blending to perfection with humor, respect, and genuine compassion.

So now you are ready for the Happy Marriage recipe. Keep this close to your heart and read often and you’ll figure the perfect blend to make your marriage special. And remember, since we are in the advanced stages of Relationship Recipes, in time, you will figure out the perfect pinch of each ingredient needed to create ‘your’ Happy Marriage.

So let’s get cooking!

First, collect all the ingredients needed: Bride, Groom, humor, trust, patience, respect, honesty, and a sampling of spices.

Take one committed bride and one committed groom. (Make sure to weed out the ‘I think I’m committed ones’ – refer to recipe ‘What was I thinking chili recipe’ in my ‘Date to Success Recipe Book’.

Blend in a large dose of humor. I often recommend over usage of humor in the first year to help you get through the delicate times. This comes in especially handy during the ‘I can’t believe he just said that to me’ stage. Oh – and this ingredient is desperately needed when dealing with the ‘in-laws’. You will thank me for over usage of the humor ingredient!

 Next is an equally large dosage of trust. This requires constant seasoning and remembering that it was a key ingredient to get you to this recipe in the first place. Your own intuition will tell you when you need to add in another pinch of trust in your Happy Marriage recipe.

Patience is a commonly misunderstood ingredient and it might be the most difficult for you to find the perfect blend, but once you do, you will become to rely on it heavily.

Respect and honesty are equally important ingredients and should be watched closely as they can occasionally be lost in the other ingredients and cause things to boil over.

Don’t forget to season to the perfect taste either! All of the ingredients I’ve shared with you are equally important and only the two of you can find the perfect mixture for your ‘Happy Marriage’.

A few last tips as you start tasting your ‘Happy Marriage Recipe’:

  • Remember that boiling over creates a mess on the stove and in a relationship. Follow the ingredients closely and you’ll maintain the heat without boil over’s.
  • Simmer may be a slow process, but in the long run it keeps a smooth and effective taste to the recipe. Always keep your marriage in a good simmer.
  • And most importantly of all: Even the best cook ruins a recipe on occasion. But a true chef doesn’t give up, but just works to perfect it. Keep striving for the happiest recipe of them all and you’ll achieve the success you were looking for the day you said ‘I DO’!

Blend all of the above together for years of a successful marriage. And keep it cookin!

Carol Miller

Author of ‘Recipes for the Happy Marriage’

 And ‘Date to Success Recipe Book’.

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